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How to Fall In Love with an Ireland Road Trip

Did you know that St. Patrick was not born in Ireland? Or that blue is the color most associated with him, not green? Like a lot of holidays there have been stories, myths, and twisted facts that have changed the way we celebrate them. Regardless of this, no matter who you

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How Many Days to Fall in Love with Yellowstone?

I’m going to be honest right off the bat with you: I LOVE Yellowstone. It ranks right up there with Australia. I do believe it is the best National Park I’ve been to and that you must see it in your lifetime. It gets neglected a lot because it’s far, it’s

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Can’t Miss Australian Animal Encounters + How to Find Them

Think Australian animals are only out to kill you? Think again. This is a huge misconception about Aussie animals. They’re actually really quite amazing. Australian animals are one of the main reasons I wanted to go to Australia.  I loved the koalas and was so looking forward to holding one. They are

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