6 Sunsets You Must See in Australia (or sunrises)

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Have you ever been traveling and someone tells you “oh you definitely have to see the sunset” and then doesn’t tell you where or how to see that sunset? I mean, I’ve always heard that Santorini sunsets were amazing but had to search for a place that wasn’t over crowded to see them.

This brings me to today’s post. I want to talk about 6 places to see amazing sunsets or sunrises in Australia.  I’m a sucker for a great sun shot. Especially if there’s a beach included. The best part? Each of these locations is great no matter the time of day.

6 Places to See Amazing Australian Sunsets

Australian Sunsets

1. Behind the Sydney Opera House, New South Wales

This one may seem obvious, but to be honest, we lucked into it.  We just happened to be coming back from Manly beach and bam, the sun was making the Opera House glow.  I really recommend taking the ferry at sunset. You won’t regret it.  However, it can get a bit chilly, even in the summer. Be sure you take a jacket! You don’t want to sit inside and miss the glorious sunset.

2. Shell Beach in Shark Bay, Western Australia

Shell Beach
Shell Beach, WA

Here’s another one we lucked upon, but for completely different reasons.  Shark Bay is one of those “middle-of-no-where” places and is not easy to get to. After a 6 hour drive, we were in search of food and found one tiny place 45 min from our hotel at a different hotel.  We just wanted to get take away, but it was going to be an hour wait. This was because you were supposed to pre-order your dinner by 6 p.m. and we were late. So we had some time to kill.  We decided to go see shell beach, it was on my list of things to see and right down the road.  I’m so glad we did! There was an amazing sunset that night that lit up the sky and we were pretty much the only people out there. I love it when things like that happen.

3. The Lighthouse in Byron Bay, Queensland

Byron Bay, QLD

To be perfectly honest, I was a little disappointed with this one.  It’s great, yes, but I had to wake up early for the sunrise, as it’s when the sun goes over the light house.  It was an unusual sunrise as it seemed to make it all purple, which was beautiful. It’s definitely worth doing, but keep in mind it’s an early rise and may not take your breath away. Still, it’s unique and should be seen.

4. The 12 Apostles, Great Ocean Road, Victoria

12 Apostles Sunset
12 Apostles, VIC

There’s no shortage of great sights along the Great Ocean Road.  From waterfalls, to ocean views, you will not be disappointed.  Spend quality time along this road, don’t just rush to the end for the 12 apostles.  However, if you only have a day, you can still see a lot if you plan it out and wake early. I also recommend going during a week day in the summer, so you have more hours of light and less traffic.  End your day at 12 apostles, for a sunset that can’t be beat.  Take some wine and maybe a pizza too, you won’t regret it.

5. St. Kilda Beach, Victoria

St. Kilda Sunset
Sunset from the Pier in St. Kilda, VIC

St. Kilda is a funky part of Melbourne that sits right on the beach. At night, on the pier, you can see little penguins waddle up out the water.  You can also get a great sunset.  You’ll see the Melbourne skyline from the pier as well.  Be sure you get some cake from one of the Acland Street cake shops, or do a little shopping in the quirky shops, before you head down the pier to see the penguins and the sunset.

6. Squeaky Beach, Wilsons Prom, Victoria

squeaky beach sunset
Squeaky Beach, VIC

Wilson’s Prom is Victoria’s best kept secret. Even a lot of Australians don’t know about it. We also talked to a lot of Victorians who haven’t even been there. It’s amazing.  So much wildlife, gorgeous beaches and heaps of great bush walks. The sunset you should see is on Squeaky Beach. The beach got its name because the sand is so fine, it literally squeaks when you walk on it.  We went during winter on our first trip, so we had the beach to ourselves.  The sunset was amazing and we even saw a roo or two while we were out there.

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